The coming “ISON” comet

The coming “ISON” comet

This year we could witness a spectacular event with the appearance of a huge new comet called “ISON” The comet is expected to be so “spectacularly bright” that it will be visible to the naked eye in daylight this year. Comet Ison was discovered accidentally in September last year by astronomers Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok. They stumbled upon what could be one of the biggest astronomical events of the decade; a comet so bright that it will likely be visible to the naked eye in daylight. Amateur astronomers will have the best chance of seeing Ison in November and December, leading scientists to call it the ‘Christmas Day Comet’. It is due to come to life in October this year, say experts and it would become visible to the naked eye as early as November, its newly formed tail stretching far into the sky above the horizon.

Exactly what this new comet signifies we cannot tell, but we’ve already told enough to get a pretty good idea of what it could signify in portending the end of things as they now are, including present world powers, economic systems, etc.

The appearance of every major comet has always heralded some major change

or coming event. The first recorded appearance of the giant Halley’s Comet in 1066 A.D. coincided with a major turning point in history, the conquest of England by William the Conqueror from the Continent, as well as immediately preceding the revival of the Islamic Empire under the Turks, which was soon to threaten the very existence of Europe.

Its appearance in succeeding centuries every 76 years hailed such major events as the Crusades, the Magna Carta, Genghis Khan, the establishment of the Order of St. Francis, Kublai Khan in China, the Renaissance, the Great Black Plague of Europe, the Reformation, the discovery of the New World.

In 1910, Halley’s Comet immediately preceded World War 1 and the toppling of most of the monarchies and ruling houses of Europe. In 1912, the world witnessed the tragic sinking of the Titanic, coined as the ship that God couldn’t sink!

Comets have nearly always signaled some major disaster or collapse of empires, and many confirmations of their importance as warning signs from the heavens above to the earth below are found throughout the accounts of various ancient historians. The ancients nearly always associated comet visitations with rape of disaster and the death of great leaders and empires, as well as the birth of the new!

Comets also signaled the deaths of such greats as Attila and the emperors Valentinian, Vespasian and Charlemagne, Vespasian scoffed at the Great comet of 79 A.D., but he died within the year! The great Jewish Historian Josephus described Halley’s Comet of 66 A.D. as a “SWORD OF FIRE” hanging over Jerusalem shortly before its destruction by the Romans in 70 A.D.! The same comet later signaled the fall of Constantinople to the Turks and Britain to the Normans!

A Great comet of 1528 was so horribly frightening to Europe that it produced such terror as to scare some people to death and sicken many others with its giant tail the color of blood!

In 1860, Boston’s famous oratorical preacher, Increase Mather, spoke of the Comet of that year as “HEAVEN’S ALARM TO THE WORLD”, which presaged great changes like the American Civil War, & calamities and judgements, God’s lightning bolt of warning to a sinful world!

So these heavenly events have a definite correlation with those on earth and the time of every great comet, therefore, has always been a special time in the Earth’s history!

Forty years ago the Comet Kohoutek in 73/74 as it raced towards the earth the “Yom Kippur War”, broke out in October in 1973. Israel was attacked by Egypt and Syria. At the same time, the emerging nations of OPEC declared an oil embargo that lasted into early 1974. The price of oil quadrupled in a matter of months, bringing on the stock market calamity of 1973-74. After the Comet passed in January 74, in August of that same year, American President Richard Nixon resigned in shame from the Watergate Scandal.

Remember history also shows us that sometimes great events can happen about 4 years after the Comet’s warning of OMEN! The most important battles and cataclysmic changes occur behind the scenes in the spirit world and are sometimes only manifested through these astronomical and astrological signs in the sky before we actually observe their effects, results or fulfillments on Earth. (Luke 21:11,25) The Hale-Bopp Comet that whizzed by in 1997, that could be seen with the naked eye, we witnessed four years later the tragic 9/11/2001 event that changed the world & especially the U.S.A. with its tightening restrictions’

God, before He smites the world, sometimes causes such a sign in Heaven to awaken us out of our security and to open our eyes to the “Signs of the Times”. Could ISON Comet portend the collapse of the USA dollar & other currencies and / or the worldwide economic system, or the great worldwide confusion brought on by the economic crash and the startling war soon to transpire in the Mid-East & possibly cause energy shortages? Will we witness major disasters like Great Earthquakes in different places, famines, & pestilences etc?

This remains to be seen and felt, whatever its influence may be! Whatever its effects and meaning like a boomerang from the hand of its Maker it will slice through our lives and return to the hand of Him that flung it, as it begins to depart from us by the end of January, 2014 having accomplished its mission, wreaked its havoc or portended its crises and decided its events, whatever these may be! Will the Comet “ISON” raise in our minds the conception of God. Will “ISON” make you think about the Lord and His destiny for you and the world? You cannot escape it! Are you ready for it?